We are Two-Man Multi-Disciplinary creative team
and user–focused based in London.
We specialize in solving problems to produce intelligent designs, deliver engaging experiences and build meaningful connections.
We help clients bring digital products and services to the web.

design + code

We like making things that people use.
We pride ourselves in being simple, clear and to the point.
We believe that the best solution is always a collaborative process between client, designer and developer.
We work with likeminded clients ranging from cultural institutions to corporate organizations, both local and global. We think of our clients as partners and embrace their diversity.



Gaspard Macelin

I’m a London based designer who spends most of his time understanding human-computer interaction. I tend to find myself wanting to design everything I see but I stick to the web. It's a medium that exists in everyones lives and holds no boundaries for imagination. I'm passionate about giving people new experiences when it comes to the web and creating interfaces that are clean, usable & modern.

I've currently been in the creative industry for 2 years working on numerous projects, small and big that required many different skills and proficiency in my tools. Being fluent as a front end developer also has it's benefits when designing, due to understanding limitations of technologies and collaboration with backend developers.


Bruno Antunes Luis

You have to believe in what you do, no matter what, or you shouldn’t be doing it. Our entire industry is based on emotion, so if you’re not passionate, there’s no way to succeed. Every day we work to create ideas that are anything but everyday. We're always pushing and digging to create the best solutions for the brands we serve.

We work tirelessly to be recognized as individuals whom have a burning desire and passion for design, technology and communication - we push ourselves to the limit to make sure that we can always feel proud when we complete a project and hand it over to our client.

My job is simply to help us continue on this way.

Brand + Identity

We develop brand identity systems for businesses of all sizes, from startups to longstanding, established brands. Our capabilities span the entire process from early development to final execution. In addition to brand assets, we have comprehensive experience in developing brand application guidelines and documentation.

Brand Development / Creative Strategy / Logo + Identity / Naming

Bootstrap/Foundation / Sass / HTML/CSS / Motion Design / SVG


In addition to our design capabilities, we also offer integrated digital design and development. Our digital work is informed by our traditional design skillset but also enhanced by our in-depth understand of digital platforms. Our experience is diverse and covers responsive web development, user interface design, applications, e-commerce and digital publications. We pride ourselves on the ability to fully execute our design and creative direction in the digital medium.

Front and back end development / Motion design and direction / Interaction Design / Product Strategy / User Xperience / Website Design / Mobile Design

PHP / NodeJS / Javascript / iOS - Objective C - Swift
SquareSpace Specialist / Wordpress