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A common attitude to stay at the edge of emerging technologies


A strong community is a place of opportunity. By working for a common goal, community members provide a chance to learn, contribute, feel supported, improve, and belong.

Open source is a type of software that is publicly accessible. Anyone can see, modify and distribute code as they see fit. This type of software is created and shared by programmers to improve its code continually, as they are interested in inspecting, debugging, change under the principle that collaboration enhances function and that continuous improvement is more important than proprietary control. Proprietary control is the term used for code source that only the person, team, or company who created has control over it and, thus, can inspect, copy or modify it.

For Gaspard+Bruno, the advantages of using publicly accessible software and being in open-source communities are numerous.


Open source means being a part of a knowledgeable community with different experiences. By allowing anyone in that community to access and review your project, you gain access to a talented pool of developers who value community and are open to exchanging information.


By being a part of an open-source community, at Gaspard+Bruno, we provide our team with access to the insight and experience of other community members, allowing developers to know technology at a deeper level.


The open-source community is committed to updating and enhancing code sources, providing effective peer review, ensuring the code quality utilised on any project. This means that their members are constantly reviewing code, building improvements, and closing gaps in security. Besides holding community members accountable for their contributions, it also decreases the time it takes to build and update. 


Open source communities are a channel for testing and incubation and, therefore, a great way to stay on top of innovation and new projects.


Using open source means that, as a customer, you are never constrained to a vendor. Being public, there are no proprietary rights over the source code, and it is available to any other developers.

React Native Static Safe Area Insets

React Native package that exposes the Safe Area insets as constants (iOS and Android notch are supported).


Auto-Magical Suite of tools to streamline your ML workflow
Experiment Manager, MLOps and Data-Management

React Native Infinite Swiper

React Native package that wraps ‘react-native-viewpager’ and adds features:

  • Touch margins to turn pages
  • Loop


Pops up a dialog with the upload option or take photo, and cancel as well. Under the hood we are using the react-native-image-picker package and its two main functions: launchCamera and launchImageLibrary.

Polyglot SDK for React + Redux

SDK for a React and Redux app architecture to easily connect to a Polyglot project.

Polyglot File Sync

A script to sync translation files with the Polyglot API project.

Polyglot (Dart Client)

Polyglot Translation Management System SDK

Polyglot iOS SDK

Polyglot Translation Management System SDK

Swift UI Keyboard Host

SwiftUI keyboard helper to prevent issues of keyboard sliding up and cover TextField.


Repo for the open source version of GB UI, a library of React Components powered by styled-components.

Visio ML

Annotate images for Apple's Create ML Export in JSON format.


This project aims to provide an api to retrieve and add metadata to images, jpgs, webp and png is supported.

Git Workflow Workshop

Simply open presentation.html in a browser and you should have access to the slideshow 🙂